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    Manor Malinniki

    • Kostino, Russia
    • Manor Malinniki$$
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      Manor Malinniki appeared in the XVIII century and lasted until the XIX century. From the first days of the estate owned by PA Osipova-Wolf - known lady of high society. Vodchina was for her country residence, where she loved to take his famous guests. Being married twice it did not prevent an affair with a twist by AS Pushkin. In support of retaining their multiple personal correspondence. So it is often in the raspberry patch, but then flirting their relationship are not logged in.

      Whatever it was, but the manor remembers all our dear guests. Unfortunately, up to now from the rich patrimony survived not all. Gaze of tourists a gloomy view of the foundation of the manor house, the overgrown park with old trees and the old chapel, which was restored in 1972.

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