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    Manor Ladino

    • Ladino, Russia
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      His story begins with the village during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Then the land belonged to several merchants. During the existence of the territory of the manor house was built in an eclectic style, outbuilding, Church of the Intercession, and a small pond bridged.

      Before survived collapse of the temple. A small red brick building noticeably shabby. Refectory and bell tower has long been destroyed. There is only vasmerykom on chatsveryku.
      Exactly the same collapse of the left and the manor house. According to the general picture can be seen that the building is not cheap. Profile framed windows, cornices between the floors, the tower proof.

      What was the homestead during the Soviet era, no one knows. We can only guess that the lordly mansion located or country club, office of the head of the collective farm.

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