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    Manor Georgians

    • Kurovo, Russia
    • Manor Georgians$$
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      Previously, the site of the manor was the village Kuznechkovo. In 1740 it passed to the use of the Director Capella MF Poltoratsky. That, in turn ennobled territory to your taste. Specifically for this called Rastrelі architect who built luxury palace complex with a wing and closed galleries.

      Near the manor house in 1746, built a church. When she brought the icon of the Mother of God of Georgia, was named in her honor estate Georgians.

      In addition, in the birthplace of partially preserved buildings, greenhouses, stables, storage and much more. Around them an artificial pond, which lasted slime and magnificent orchard, which has long been overgrown. But it is not very evident, but rather creates a complete image of antiquity.

      Strange, but the estate even preserved bridge of boulders thrown over the river Zhalenka, which takes place on the estate.

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