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    Manor Bogdanov-Vitov

    • Spasskoe, Russia
    • Manor Bogdanov-Vitov$$
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      Manor Bogdanov-Vytautas is 27 kilometers from the city of Kostroma, in the Podolsk district, village Trifonich. According to historical sources, in 1773 there was the village of Bogdan. This is a very attractive area for peculiar natural beauty. Exactly here the Kuban River flows into the Volga. This area is considered a suburban sanatorium, thanks gayuchamu air and unique landscape environment. Manor Bogdanov-Vytautas was just nobleman AA Sukhotina. In 1904 it was bought by the textile industrialist Alexander F. Vytautas.

      A year later, on the site of an old manor house, he laid a large two-storey stone house in the Art Nouveau style. Along the main entrance was attached terrace with stairs on each side. Above it stood wide balcony in an arch on the second floor. The author of the project is considered to be an artist-architect AA Galetsky. The whole ensemble of buildings of the estate, with over twenty buildings, such as: the manor house, a house for my daughter, manager's house, a guest house, the servants, as well as a hunting lodge, cellar-glacier greenhouse. In economic purposes served blacksmith shop, barn, barn, pigsty, stables and others. Also on the estate, immersed in green, was power.

      Center of all composition - the main house has been preserved to our days and requires serious restoration. Currently manor Bogdanov-Vytautas is privately owned.

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