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    Signs of the Church of Our Lady in the village Veshalovka

    • veshalovka, Russia
    • Signs of the Church of Our Lady in the village Veshalovka$$
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      Church of Our Lady of the Sign in the village Veshalovka - a warm stone temple consecrated in honor of the icon of Our Lady of the Sign. The temple was built in 1768. The initiator and sponsor of all construction work began estate owner Guard Captain James Afanasievich Tatischev. The temple was built and consecrated in 1794. The village, which is located in the church, for the church later became known as Znamenskі.

      There is a misconception that the architecture of the church has a lot of Masonic signs and symbols. The reason for this was the membership in a Masonic lodge temple author of the project - the architect Vasily Bazhenov.

      Znamenskaia church building is unique religious buildings of the XVIII century. The temple is built in typical Russian style pseudo-forms, which is especially noticeable in genital chatyrohkantovyh tents and shpіlyah at stralchastym arches and windows with classical pilasters and Russian five domes.

      Today the Church of Our Lady of the Sign awarded the status of an architectural monument of federal importance, it is under state protection.

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