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    Church of St John the Baptist

    • Yurga, Russia
    • Church of St John the Baptist$$
    • +7 (38451) 4-41-10
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      Church of St John the Baptist - is a great cross-domed structure located in Jurga. It was built in 1993 without a project in just four months, in consultation with the chief architect of the city. In the same year the temple was dedicated in honor of the Blessed Virgin and the first Divine Liturgy. In 1995, the building began to finish building - now on the first floor is a small Orthodox library, Sunday school for children and charity refectory. In April 2001, Abbot was appointed saint Archpriest Konstantin Dobrovolsky. In connection with the formation of a new diocese in August 2012 the temple received the status of the cathedral.

      Now in the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist operates a shelter temporary stay, with the blessing of takes were in a difficult situation or left homeless people. It can accommodate up to 10 people. To Check here, it is desirable to carry identity documents.

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