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    Church of St. Nicholas Nadeina

    • Yaroslavl, Russia
    • Church of St. Nicholas Nadeina$$
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      Church of St. Nicholas Nadzeіna - the first stone church built in the framework of urban tenements in Yaroslavl. His age - 390 years. According to legend, the temple was built on the same bank of the Volga, where the wave threw the icon of St. Nicholas, who is the patron of all seafarers.

      The temple was built in the style of his previous century, but this is not surprising. Church of St. Nicholas Nadzeіna - one of the first buildings that emerged after the end of the Time of Troubles, during which the architecture is not worried about weight in the first place. Therefore, the builders did not seek to create something entirely new.

      The temple is simple and concise, but that's why, and beautiful. Picturesque interiors of the temple is decorated with numerous paintings, the title theme of which - the life of Saint Nicholas.

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