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    Church of Voronezh Mitrofan in Belgorod region

    • Biryuch, Russia
    • Church of Voronezh Mitrofan in Belgorod region$$
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      The church is located in Voronezh Mitrofan Krasnogvardeisk Belgorod region. Stone church was erected in 1869 on the money that was bequeathed Antonov Nikolai Fedorovich, who was a collegiate assessor. Almshouse for the maintenance, which is the temple, and the parable Antonov he also bequeathed funds in the amount of 10 000 rubles in silver.
      After the death of a patron Antonov NF buried at the walls of the temple.

      In 1930 the church was closed and placed in her house stables, later the building was converted into a smithy. In 1945 the church was returned to believers and destroyed the bell tower was restored.

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