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    Church of Elijah the Prophet, Velikoretskoye

    • Kirov, Russia
    • Church of Elijah the Prophet, Velikoretskoye$$
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      Church of Elijah the Prophet is in the center of the village Velikoretsky, Kirov region, Yuryansky District. The church is located in the lower tier, under the belfry. We should tiered bell tower was built in 1860, but restored only in the 2000s. 

      The church is part of a unique temple complex near St. Nicholas and Holy Transfiguration Church. The architecture of the bell tower combines features of late classicism and Russian-Byzantine style.

      Velikoretsky village many centuries attracts pilgrims from all over the country and abroad. For many years the Grand Cross procession does not shy away from this significant for the whole of the Kirov region historical, cultural, religious and architectural monument. Therefore, the church Elijah the Prophet - one of the most popular and revered places of pilgrimage.

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