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    Church of Elijah the Prophet in Zdemirovo

    • Gorbovo, Russia
    • Church of Elijah the Prophet in Zdemirovo$$
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      Church of Elijah the Prophet is located in the historic village of Zdemirovo on the river Volga. Built a temple on the site of an old wooden church in 1826 on the initiative and the personal funds of a wealthy merchant from Samara Ivan Emelyanov. The temple is built in the style of "Russian classicism "Designed by renowned architect while P.I.Fursova, who was the author of many buildings in the center of Kostroma.

      In XX century Church of Elijah the Prophet remained in effect, which was not typical of the time, although it has long had no permanent priest. Even in 1982, when the church had planned to shut down its position saved the bishop Kasіyan by which the church began again to carry out the service.

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