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    Church of the Epiphany

    • Krasnoe-na-volge, Russia
    • Church of the Epiphany$$
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      Church of the Epiphany in the village of Red-on-Volga Kostroma region was built in the early 16th century. This is the only stone church marquee, which has been preserved in the Kostroma region. The funds allocated for the construction of the church uncle Tsar Boris Fedorovich Godunov - Dmitri Ivanovich. Were added to the temple, two chapels, a consolidated tiered bell tower. The temple was rebuilt several times until the early 20th century almost completely lost its original appearance. Original preserved only belfry. 

      In Soviet times, the church was closed, and the room was used as a granary. In the 50s it was decided to rehabilitation and reconstruction of the temple according to the testimony of the 17th century. Led the project architect architect I. Sh Shevelev, however, All the work was completed only in 2009. Wall painting was restored in the tradition of the Orthodox painting 16-17 century.

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