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    Trinity Church

    • Troitskoe, Russia
    • Trinity Church$$
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      At the present time about the monastery preserve the memory of two wooden churches: Trinity Church in summer 1713 and winter Church of Saints Zosіmy and Savatsіya 1870 Strangely, the two churches in the Soviet period, in contrast to other temples were demolished or ruined. Despite repeated attempts to close the temples, the service stops only for the period from 1941 to 1947.

      Now thanks to the restoration work of the church are in good condition. Preserve the original interior of the church, and Trinity Church - a unique carved maple iconostasis. Miraculously preserved stone tomb. But ancient books and icons, which for centuries kept in temples, lost.

      Trinity in the village - feast day. It is calculated on the 50th day after Easter. In the summer, starting with the Trinity, services are conducted in the Trinity Church in the winter - in the church and Zosіmy Savatsіya. Wooden church in the village of Trinity and attract pilgrims and tourists with its strange beauty. 

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