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    Trinity-Sergius Lavra

    • Zagorsk (Sergiev-Posad), Russia
    • Trinity-Sergius Lavra$$
    • +7 (496) 540-53-34
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      Sergiev Posad is known not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders. Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra - the main attraction of the city, which is so interested pilgrims. This ancient Orthodox monastery was founded in 1337 River Konchury St. Sergius of Radonezh.

      History of the monastery is eventful. In 1408 the monastery was burned and looted the Tatar troops, led by Khan Edigei, and in 1618 the shrine was able to repulse the attack of the Polish Army Prince Wladyslaw. In 1742, Empress Elizabeth Petrovna issued a decree, which indicated that the monastery receives the status of Lavra.

      Scenic Ensemble of the Trinity Sergius Lavra brings together more than 50 buildings: churches and cathedrals of this, various towers (cellarer, Zvonkova, beer, etc.), yard and monasteries, refectory and workshops, as well as hotels.

      The oldest building in the ensemble - belakamenny Trinity Cathedral, built back in 1422 over the project architectural laurels worked outstanding architects of the country in the XV - XIX centuries

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