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    Shopping center "Passage"

    • Nizhnekamsk, Russia
    • Shopping center "Passage"$$
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      Shopping center "Passage" - a modern shopping complex, which is one of the central covered markets Nizhnekamsk. Here are a few dozen retail stores with clothing and accessories, furniture and fixtures, grocery stores, "Careful," pharmacy, ATM Ak Bars Bank, Sberbank and Avers.

      Also, it is possible to relax in the café "Yakuza", which is located on the first floor. The shopping center "Passage" is located in a residential area in the northwest of the city of Nizhnekamsk. Shopping center "Passage" is located in a residential area in the north - west of the city of Nizhnekamsk. It is a large two-story building, blocked blue roof. Nearby amusement park with lots of attractions, cafes, bars and various shops.

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