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    Shopping arcade Gd Volochek

    • vyshnij volochek, Russia
    • Shopping arcade Gd Volochek$$
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      Two symmetrical body shopping malls in the city Almighty Volochek, Tver region, located on Moscow street, between the shore and the Kazan River Cna prospectus. The first building was built in 1937 on the site where once was the Kazan Cathedral. The second building, which was equipped with 116 benches, built in 1852. The architect of this project was the F. Lions.
      At that time, the Most High Valachku annually spent three major fairs. In the ranks of the trade conducted a brisk trade brought summer caravan ships goods such as cloth, canvas, tobacco, honey, salt fish, hemp oil, fur, glass jar, wax, pottery and much more.
      It is currently used for its intended purpose only one body shopping malls, it has been restored, after which there is a shopping point. The second building is in a dilapidated condition and not used.

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