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    Holy key

    • Malye Kirmeni, Russia
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      Holy key is on the left bank of the Kama River, in Nizhnekamsk. Before the revolution there was a village Holy Key. The name of the place is in 1666, when the Imam of the spirit, who came here to implore the Almighty place for the city's future, found here an icon of St. Nicholas. Since then, the Holy Spring has become a place of worship of Muslims and Orthodox Christians.

      From 1882 to 1921 on the site of the Holy Spring was the name of merchant Staheeva with Yelabuga, who built a cottage with urban buildings. Among the buildings stood out in particular the size and beauty of the two-storey wooden house of 750 square meters with the boiler in the vaults, electric lighting and elegant balconies. To this day the house was not preserved, it burned down in 1967.

      In 1921 the estate was nationalized and Staheeva over the years of Soviet power in decline. In 1996, in honor of the 35th anniversary of the city Nіzhnyakamsk power reconstructed and landscaped Holy Spring. Now you can see the natural complex with waterfalls, steep cliffs, streams and holy bath.

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