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    Holy spring with a font in the village "Sheremetevka"

    • Sheremetevka, Russia
    • Holy spring with a font in the village "Sheremetevka"$$
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    • The village Sheremetevka 40 kilometers from Nizhnekamsk, is Holy spring with Cupello. With its history connected one tradition.

      It shows that the rural peasant saw swimming in the creek icon of John the Baptist with a lighted candle. The farmer told this priest, and since then people began to come to power by healing. At this point, built a chapel.

      During Soviet times, the source was littered with debris, the chapel was demolished, and revealed the icon disappeared. Today "Holy Spring" again restored. It was turned into a complex that consists of a bath, two 6-meter cross with a canopy for the people who prayed and most sources.

      Source is decorated very nicely and neatly, to him a staircase, built of stones.
      In honor of St. John the Baptist, the well was a procession. Holy spring was consecrated. These actions have taken part 500 believers from the village and Sheremetevka nіzhnekamskaga area.

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