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    Sumarokovo elk farm

    • Sumarokovo, Russia
    • Sumarokovo elk farm$$
    • +7 (4942) 35-94-33
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      Sumarokovo lasіnaya Farm history started in the distant 1949, when Pyachera-Ilych State Nature Reserve established the Center for the Study of the ecology and economic use of domesticated and wild elk. In the mid-90s on the basis of center in the village Sumarokova created Sumarokovo elk farm.

      The total area allotted for this unusual farm, took almost 200 hectares of land. Farm created to not only study these animals, but also to their breed and domesticate. The first offspring was obtained in May 1970.

      In 1987 the farm given the status of the customer lasіnaga regional importance, but then handed over to the economy of another 36 thousand hectares of land.

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