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    Starosandovskoe Lake

    • Staroe Sandovo, Russia
    • Starosandovskoe Lake$$
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    • Small lake Starosandovskoe located in the Tver region Sandovsky area, near the village of Old Sandow.
      It is very popular with locals - sadovchan. In the summer there are a lot of swimmers and fishermen.
      Recently, however, the ecological status of the lake has deteriorated significantly due to the opening on the shores of the enterprise for the extraction of gravel, sand and gravel.
      In 2011 there was a sharp decline in the water level of the active water intake now for washing gravel.
      Starosandovskoe Lake Meletios continued rapidly, leading to a local environmental disaster.
      If a picturesque lake and landscaped beach turned into a small forest swamp.
      And instead of warm, white sand under your feet dirty mud.
      Local residents are unhappy with the changes, because Starosandovskoe - it is the only local pond suitable for swimming and recreation. In addition, here come the summer tourists, as recreation and fishing here are great.
      The death of the pond, unfortunately, no one cares, except for local residents.
      If you do not take action, the lake will die, causing serious environmental disaster in the region.

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