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    Bayou Vetluga

    • vetluga, Russia
    • Bayou Vetluga$$
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      Bayou Vetluga - this old bed Vetluga leaving right from the main river channel. Nowadays Starica connected with the river near the village of Trinity, which is Babina hill, weak ducts.

      Vetluga - one of the most beautiful rivers in the Russian Plain. Almost all over along the high and steep right bank of the stretch predominantly coniferous forests. Low and flat left bank of the forest alternates with meadows and bushes.

      Bayou has many nice and cozy little bays. Their average depth of 1.5-2.5 meters, although in some places there are also quite a deep pit and a half meters, which are located near the coast.

      On Vetluga many wonderful places to anglers. Fish are usual diverse, more common bream and pike.

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