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    Station "nodes"

    • Troitskij, Russia
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    • Station "Vuzlavaya" - the first station in the city Vuzlavaya created as vuzlavuyu point Khrushchev Ryazhsk-Vyazemskij railway. It was officially opened in 1873, and four years later, in 1977, the city was named in her honor - Vuzlavaya.

      Station "Vuzlavaya" is located in the city center Vuzlavaya, south of Moscow. Currently, she is the gateway station iron Moscow region and the center of one of its important components - the Tula region. This non-class, marshalling yards, where there are three passenger platforms at five ways, the locomotive depot and ways of sludge. It adorns the station, which was built in 1950 to replace the destroyed during the war of the old building. Leave the station a lot of commuter trains in Tula Novomoskovsk, Ryazhsk etc.

      At the station Vuzlavaya you can see one of the attractions of the city - a monument in the form of a steam locomotive FD20. It was erected in honor of Uzlovskaya railroad, which contributed to the victory.

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