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    Saviour's Church Grobovskaya

    • Bryansk, Russia
    • Saviour's Church Grobovskaya$$
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      Spaso Bulgakov church - one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches of the city. It was built in 1904 at the expense churchwarden merchant PS Mogilevtseva and replaced the standing near the old wooden church. The author of the project was the architect-artist Bryansk Lebedev, who designed the church in the neo-Russian style. In the annals of the Church of the Saviour Bulgakov mentioned that the temple was built on the burial site of Bryansk bishops nectar and Nathanael.

      That is why the church is called the Saviour Bulgakov - "Church on vladychya graves."
      In 1929 the church was closed, and its upper part is destroyed. Inside the temple were arranged overlap with various cabinets, new windows punched to the ground floor and committed other violations of its architectural design. For a long time in the temple located morgue then the "House of entertaining science and technology." In 1985, to celebrate the millennium of the city were restored church domes. In December 1992, the church was handed over to the Russian Orthodox Church and began to operate in 1993. A year later, to the feast of the Transfiguration Lord inner part of the temple was restored, after which the church was consecrated Archbishop of Bryansk and Sevsk Melchizedek.

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