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    Sorochinskoe Reservoir

    • Spasskoe, Russia
    • Sorochinskoe Reservoir$$
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    • Sarochynskaga reservoir is located near Sorochinskaya Orenburg region. Plan construction of the reservoir began to develop in 1968. The need for artificial pond appeared in connection with the problem of water supply Buzuluksky area Orenburg region.

      Construction began in 1976, construction of the reservoir space - 402-km from the mouth of the river Samara. Construction work, due to lack of finance and the changing political situation in the country, stopped several times. In 2009, the facility is ready was passed by the State Commission. The river Samara length of the lake - 28 kilometers along the river Great Uranium - 18 kilometers.

      Sarochynskaga reservoir also built to increase water availability Sakmara, water supply industry, water level control during the spring floods, for fisheries management, the organization of recreational areas for the local population and associations banks of the river Samara using road transport.

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