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    • Sol-Iletsk, Russia
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      History of the City Salt-Іletsk inextricably linked to the production of salt and salt production. One reason for that was the basis for the construction of settlements became inexhaustible deposits of rock salt, which left its dome surface.

      Іletsk rock salt deposit is known from the XVI century. As a result of its production were large sinkholes and voids mines, which were formed by flooding numerous lakes.

      Today in Sands visited by hundreds of tourists to rest and recuperate, immersed in salt water lakes, the largest of which is called collapse. Heavy and dense brine of the lake, brine, prevents a person from drowning. Salinity of water here is 20 times higher than in the Black Sea, and its composition contributes to the treatment of skin diseases, problems with the musculoskeletal system and degenerative disc disease. A particularly good effect is achieved in conjunction with the mud of the lake tuzluchny. They say that its properties, it is comparable to the world famous mud from the Dead Sea in Israel. And to clean up the nervous system is useful to swim in the lake Dunin - its waters are rich in bromine.

      Given the growing demand for salt-Іletsk as a resort, around the lakes were built recreation centers and resorts where tourists can get complex treatment using all the curative factors of salt lakes.

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