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    Gateways Balakovo

    • Podsosenki, Russia
    • Gateways Balakovo$$
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      Gateways Balakovo located near the street Chapaev in Balakovo, Saratov region. Construction of locks was started in 1962, simultaneously with the construction of the Saratov HPP dam blocked the river Volga, and completed by 1968. First shlyuzavanne occurred in May 1968. Gateway to the building took 30 thousand tons of rebar and 34,000 tons of cubic meters of concrete.

      Gateways Balakovo still perform its technical function. Shipping embankment Balakovo - from gateways and to Drama Theatre - can be considered one of the most beautiful streets in the city. In good weather, grooming gateway is pleasing to the eye man-made landscape and its monumentality is striking. Here like to spend as city residents and visiting tourists.

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