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    The village Lopukhovka

    • Blinovka, Russia
    • The village Lopukhovka$$
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    • Lopukhovka back in the mid-18th century, founded by the natives of the internal Russian provinces and the Ukraine. Over time, the influx of fugitive peasants grew, and grew up in Lopukhovka large village, which was soon erected a wooden church of St. Nicholas, which in 1773 was consecrated archpriests Aўramіy Stepanov.

      Through the centuries, in 1873 it was decided to build a second Lopukhovka church of the Archangel Michael. At this time the temple was built of stone. Both churches have survived, but no longer take parishioners waiting for reconstruction. At the end of 19 Lopukhovka century parish received the status of the village, and then appeared in the village doctor and the police constable.

      Lopukhovka village has its own unique flavor of antiquity, representing interest for lovers of natural beauty, clean air and rich Russian history.

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