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    The village of Red Horn

    • Krasnyj Rog, Russia
    • The village of Red Horn$$
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      The village of Red Horn - the center Krasnorogskogo rural settlement. The village stands on the river Horn, a tributary Sudasts, belongs administratively to Pochepsky District Bryansk region.

      The first mention of the village is found in the chronicles of the 1st half of the XVII century. In contrast to the surrounding settlements territory Hetman, this village had the Cossack population.

      The village of Red Horn, first belonged to the family of Naryshkin, later Menshikov, then it passed to Razumovsky. The legacy of the last owners left the palace, which was built towards the end of the XVIII century.

      Since 1822 the village became the name of Count Pyaroўskuyu, since 1837 the village became the property of Anna Alekseevny Perovskoy - mother AK Tolstoy, who lived all his life in this manor, and here he died and was buried.

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