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    Mine "Ganina pit"

    • Iset (admin. territoriya g. verhnyaya Pyshma), Russia
    • Mine "Ganina pit"$$
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      At the beginning of the XIX century Ganіnay him, then who wore the name Isetsky mine bought contractor Gabriel harbored hopes to find and extract gold in the mine. However, success in this Gabriel has not reached, but thanks to the villagers Koptyaki, who called the owner Gankay mine, this area became known as "Ganіna pit". Until the XX century there was mined iron ore and coal burning. Then the mine was abandoned and it was a twenty to thirty meters, constantly filled with rain water. That he was surrounded by about thirty mines and pits.

      It is here, in one of the mines, brought and dropped the remains were shot in 1918, the royal family, and then the body of Nicholas II, Alexandra Fyodorovna, small tsesareven Crown Prince and burned by spraying kerasinom and sulfuric acid.

      In 2000, the site was founded a monastery in honor of Saint Regal Martyrs which includes seven temples. Exactly as members of the Romanov dynasty were killed by the Bolsheviks.

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