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    Russian Academic Drama Theatre. F. Volkov

    • Yaroslavl, Russia
    • Russian Academic Drama Theatre. F. Volkov$$
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      Russian Academic Drama Theatre. F. Volkov, Volkov or theater - the first theater in Russia. In 2010, he noted 260T anniversary. His story begins with leather closet, in which the young son of a merchant with his brothers and friends staged performances. The first occurred July 10, 1750 was raised "Esfil" Jeanne Razin. The theater is big and rich history. He was the only theater, fully corresponds to the rank of Public Russian professional theater.

      Elizabeth II, having heard of the miracle theater, summoned his manager and the company. They have not returned to Yaroslavl, and continued to speak with the Empress. After that Volkov theater fell into disrepair. For a long time it changed owners, until in 1882 the theater did not the city.

      Now this is one of the most popular and beloved of all places of leisure tourists and townspeople.

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