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    Restaurant "Funny Magyars" in Yekaterinburg

    • Ekaterinburg, Russia
    • Restaurant "Funny Magyars" in Yekaterinburg$$
    • +7 (343) 377-51-42
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      So, continue to the "Queen of Hungarian cooking" - paprika. All specialties of foie gras, veal, kachynaga meat, vegetables generously abmeshvae pepper - from sweet to hot. But if you are not a supporter of the "critical" culinary experiences, as paprika offer separate spec.

      Another highlight of the restaurant - a supply of food (like halasle - soup or goulash) in a special pot on the fire - bograch. "Merry Magyars" provides fun and good mood visitors largely thanks to a carefully selected an extensive wine list. It includes a complete collection of beverage presented at the aperitif fruit Palinka elite in red, white and sparkling wine brand "Tokai". For lovers of hearty, delicious breakfast on the first floor there is a morning bar with a classic menu of milk porridge, omelettes, snacks and sandwiches.

      Without live music impressions of the evening, held in the picturesque restaurant would not be complete, so well thought-out and this component of the program of rest - from 20 to 22 hours you can hear fascinating lyrical melody played on a violin.

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