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    River Piana

    • verhnee Talyzino, Russia
    • River Piana$$
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    • By itself, the river is very entertaining. Its width is small. Only about 25 meters. In some places and up to 90 meters. Depth too small. About seven meters. As for the banks, sometimes they are very high and steep.

      River takes its origin from the Volga Upland. Drunk throws right tributary of the Volga - Sura. In a large number of bodies of water inflows. In a drunken fall creek Couples, Anda, Vadok, Rauzha and many others.

      As to the name of the river, there are many legends. Some, or rather the locals believe that this nickname pond received by Russian soldiers who defeated the Tatars on the river bank. Russian did not know about the invasion of enemies and drank heavily. Tatars take a moment and defeated the army in a few minutes. Others believe that the river was so named because of its building. Ethnographer PI Melnikov Crypt wrote that she looks like a drunken old woman, which shook from side to side.

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