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    River Osh

    • Malocheredovo, Russia
    • River Osh$$
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    • Left tributary of the Irtysh River - the river of Osh, takes place in the Omsk region, affecting its five areas: Krutinsky, Tyukalinsk, Kolosovsky, Tatar and Znamenskі.

      River, stretching for 530 kilometers, has a catchment area of ​​21,000 square kilometers. The origins of the river takes on a picturesque lake Achikul, which is associated with two lakes - Tennis and Saltan.

      Osh is particularly very rare hydrographic network: its valley in the upper reaches is V-shaped, with a lake-type extensions. In the middle and lower reaches of the river trapezoid. Slightly meandering channel of Osh, and in some places formed temporary dam, muddy bottom, overgrown with diverse aquatic vegetation. The river is mainly due to snow and flooding occurs in April, May, sometimes.

      Due to the rich variety of fish that live in the river, Osh always attracts fishermen. Especially a lot here usual carp, bream, perch and pike. During the summer, except for fishermen on the banks of the river a lot of tourists, families with children.

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