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    River Eames

    • Krasnaya Gorka, Russia
    • River Eames$$
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    • The name of the river is translated from Mordvinian as "raspberry". Previously, the places where the Ishmael was a lot of raspberries. Locals zasadzhvalі her entire plantations and sold in the markets. At one time it was the main income, while in times of drought shrubs not died. Malin has long been no divorce, and the name caught on the river for centuries.

      By itself, the river is not very long. Its length is about 90 kilometers. The total area is just over 700 square kilometers. Ishmael is very narrow but deep river. Its shores are flat, although it is possible places with steep cliffs.

      Floodplain rich in vegetation. There are also rare species listed in the Red Book. Of the fauna in the territory, where the Izmail, you can find wild boars, hares, foxes, beavers, badgers and many others. Also, the region is known for its game. On the water, you can watch the wild geese and ducks, Chybіsaў, Zaryanka and solos.

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