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    River Hopper

    • Dubasovo, Russia
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    • River Hopper - this is the left tributary of the Don, it runs on the territory of Russia in Saratov regions, and further Penza, Volgograd and Voronezh. The river is 980 kilometers and the total area of ​​its basin of water - more than 61,000 square kilometers. River Hopper - a very popular place for tourists thanks to the unique nature of its beautiful surroundings.

      The name of the river comes from the legend of the old Hopper, who joined 12 hit from the land of keys into a single stream of the river. In the Penza region there is even a monument "The old Hopper." The middle part of the river as the asymmetric bend flows through Khopersky Reserve. There is growing about 1200 species of plants, 40 species of fish are found, as well as interesting birds and animals. Hopper river is popular for fishing, as well as for hiking.

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