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    River Chemal

    • CHemal, Russia
    • River Chemal$$
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      Chemal River - a mountain river, which originates in the mountains Chemalsky in the Altai Region. Along the track there are several tourist facilities.

      Chemal down from a height of 2000 meters, taking its source in the lake, located on a ridge Tamanelen, at a distance of 95 kilometers from the Gorno-Altai. Name of a river can be translated from the Altai language as "formic river." Chemal - only river in the province, whose terminated for gіdraelektrastantsyyay built in 1935. Majestic views of the merger Chemal and another river called Katun can be seen in the main references in the Altai region. This place is also called the "gate Sartakpay" - in name of the legendary hero of the Altai.

      The mild climate, lots of warm sunny days and good weather contribute to the development of spa tourism in Chemalsky area.

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