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    Rapid River

    • Morozovsk, Russia
    • Rapid River$$
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      Rapid River is the left sleeve of the Seversky Donets, originates near the hamlet of Lenin, near the town of Morozov Rostov region. The path runs through the valley of the river, but in spite of this, during its rapid and tortuous, and why it got its name. Fast throughout the often changes its direction, and in the place where it empties into the river rot begins to flow in the opposite direction.

      On the way to the movement of the Seversky Donets, Fast takes its water small rivers and upland dry. Fertilizing river originates mainly due to melting snow, so it is often dry up in summer.

      Throughout the changing nature of the shores. In the lower reaches of many ducts and small lakes. In its middle part has the right bank and left floodplain. A farm near Potapov banks are steep and rocky.

      With the former natural vegetation little remained, almost all over the ambulance pulled farmland. A floodplain is characterized by growing forests with lots of juniper, larch, spruce, maple, honeysuckle, mulberry.  

      In the waters of the river faster you can go fishing with success, most local fishermen pull perch, lyashchoў, verkhovka, Plotko.

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