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    Argun River

    • Ilinskaya, Russia
    • Argun River$$
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    • Argun - mountain meandering river, the presence of which in the forest gorge allowed to build on its coast Chechens are many villages and other houses. The river is 148 kilometers, it is in the Big River Terek.

      The northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range to the glaciers formed Argun. It also flows into the river before Sharoargun plain, the so-called "Argun gate."

      On the banks of the river built many mansions, and in the lower reaches of the eponymous town of Argun, founded in the XVIII century.

      In addition to the Chechen Republic, Argun and passes through the territory of Georgia. In particular, in the northeast of the Georgian region of Khevsureti. The local population, Khevsurs, is breeding cattle, farming and sheep.

      Next Argun River empties into the large Sunzha and Terek, and then into the Caspian Sea.

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