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    Ardon River

    • Ramonovo, Russia
    • Ardon River$$
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    • Ardon River flows in the North Caucasus republic of North Ossetia, is a left tributary of the River Terek. The length of the river - 102 km, the area of ​​its basin - 2.700 square kilometers. The origins of the river takes in the glaciers of the Greater Caucasus mountain range and then proceeds through its territory of North Ossetia. Before reaching the foothills Ossetian plain Ardon Alagir flows through the gorge.
      From the village of Lower Zaramag and to the confluence of the river Baddon, over a length of 16 kilometers is a cascade of existing and under construction Zaramagskaya HPP. The city Alagir river is used for irrigation.

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