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    Rdeyskoe lake in the Novgorod region

    • Lashkovo, Russia
    • Rdeyskoe lake in the Novgorod region$$
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    • Rdeysky lake located in the Valdai Hills, at an altitude of a little less than 100 meters above sea level in Chelm district, southwest of the Novgorod region. Its area is more than 7 square kilometers. This is the body of water in the territory Rdeysky Nature Reserve. 

      Rdeysky lake surrounded by a cascade of raised bogs. Surrounding lakes bogs occupy an area of ​​about 37,000 hectares. It is the bog in Europe, as well as an indispensable reservoir of fresh water for the entire region.

      The area is famous for its eponymous Rdeysky Nature Reserve monastery, located on one of the lake capes. Amazing beauty Rdeysky monastery is famous all over the country. The marshes, on the lake, he appeared a long time ago - in the XVII century. Scientists believe how here brought stones and bricks, because no roads or villages nearby do not - just around the wilderness and wildlife.

      Earlier lake access was not easy - accounted for about 3 hours harassed roam the swamps and thickets of enormous size. Or by air - convenient but expensive. Not so long ago were made rocky mound that facilitate travelers path. 

      One of the characteristics of the lake, unsolved scientists - it is not usual and did not take root inexplicably white fish.

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