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    Travelling Palace in Torzhok

    • Zhitkovo, Russia
    • Travelling Palace in Torzhok$$
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      Travelling Palace in Torzhok one of many stops for the Moscow-St Petersburg tract, where the emperor could stop and take a break from a long journey. This palace was built in 1776 by order of Catherine II. The building was designed by P. P. Nikitin in the style of early classicism. Later the castle became the model for the architecture of the whole city, as well as the Almighty is near Volochek.

      At the insistence of the Empress, ordered to build a palace on the "decent place" was chosen as the highest Tvertsa Beach, which offers a perfect view of the city. The palace has two side wings, which connects the fence with the front gate. The main facade decorated colonnade with a small triangular pediment, portico crowned Doric. The same porticos, just a little smaller, decorate the entrance to the side wings. Imperial Apartments located at the top, and almost the entire first floor was occupied by the front hall.

      In the late 19th century, the palace was given to the city as a space for hospitals and Orphanage, and then to place the Vladimir Lancers.

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