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    Pond in the estate Vassilievo

    • Prutnya, Russia
    • Pond in the estate Vassilievo$$
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    • Vassilievo Manor, located on the banks of the River Tvertsa, a few kilometers north of the center of Torzhok, is a monument of landscape architecture abroad XVIII-XIX centuries. Today, on the basis of the manor is a museum of wooden architecture that is popular with many history buffs.

      The heyday of the estate can be called the XIX century. The entire length of the manor active construction, new construction, at the same time is divided vast park. The main attraction of the estate Vassilievo pond, more precisely, a cascade of three ponds. It was created by the damming of the creek that catches Tvertsa. Picturesque stone dozen, as well as the famous arch bridge of boulders designed by the famous architect NA Lvov. He managed to create a real architectural masterpiece, worthy of admiration.

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