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    Avenue G. Tukai in Almetyevsk

    • Nagornoe, Russia
    • Avenue G. Tukai in Almetyevsk$$
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      Prospect Gadbully Tukaya not always called. In Soviet times, the locals knew it as Karl Marx Street, in honor of the famous philosopher. In the 90-ies of XX century, the name was changed. Prospectus was named Tatar poet G. Tukai. By the way, his person highlighted in Borisov. In addition to the street in his honor in the city are two of the monument.

      As for the prospect, it is a favorite place for hiking. Street Tukaya stretches between the streets of the Soviet and Shevchenko. Its duration is less than a few tens of kilometers. But in spite of this it is well cultivated. Walking along the area planted flower beds, installed benches and trash cans, and for cars have convenient parking.

      Among other things, focus on the prospect of Tukaya variety of shops, banks, cafes and bars. You can also rent an apartment for a few days. Prices are quite democratic.

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