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    Proletarian District of Tver

    • CHerkassy, Russia
    • Proletarian District of Tver$$
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      Proletarian District of Tver - an administrative unit which covers mainly the industrial part of the city. It was founded in 1936. The district has large industrial enterprises. Many of them deliver their products border. This is the place worsted mill, "Society of the Tver manufactory", "Tvershelk", "Tver printing plant" Printing Plant of children's literature and other large enterprises. Nearby is CHPP-1 and airfield "Migalovo."

      On the territory of Proletarian area there are several monuments. Here you can see the old buildings barracks Berg, pre-revolutionary hull Christmas and the Morozov factory and the old Palace of Pioneers. In the proletarian district of Tver the train station and bus station. The area has such neighborhoods as Mamulin, Krasnaya Sloboda, Garden Proletarka, Zalina, Pervomaiskii, Kirov.

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