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    Volga Upland

    • Hoholevka, Russia
    • Volga Upland$$
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    • The picturesque hill Pryvolzhskae stretches of the East European Plain, on the right bank of the Volga (from Volgograd to Nizhny Novgorod). It includes the famous Zhyguleўsku mountains.

      Volga hill slopes sharply down to the Volga, making its banks steep and ovrazhistyh. There has hosted many major rivers - Bear, Sura, Ilovlya, Sviyaga. The highest peak of the Volga Upland, height 384 meters. is in Khvalynsk mountains, on the shores of the Volga. In the north of the height of the mountains is less than 180 meters to the south, in the region of Ulyanovsk, reaches 200 meters, and in the area Zhyguleўsku Mountains - 300 meters. The width of the hill ranges from 60 kilometers to 500 kilometers of Volgograd in the area Lada.

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