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    Natural Park "Voskresenskoe Povetluzhe"

    • Kurdoma, Russia
    • Natural Park "Voskresenskoe Povetluzhe"$$
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    • Natural Park "Resurrection Povetluzhe" is located in the Resurrection district of Nizhny Novgorod region in the floodplain Vetluga. Natural Park was established under the leadership of the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod region in June 2008 and is a unique protective place which harmoniously combines beautiful landscapes and picturesque peyzazhi.Gde grow thousands of different species of plants, trees and shrubs, also home to a huge number of rare animals, including the northern and spotted deer, elk, deer.

      Natural Park "Resurrection Povetluzhe" is about 34,983 hectares. The park is a protected natural area but, despite this, the territory regularly organizes sightseeing tours and hiking trails pass. Park famous its rich and diverse flora and fauna. In a free settlement in the park there are many different animals, forest and marsh birds. Under strict control, in adgarodzhanay area are deer, elk, deer.

      "Resurrection Povetluzhe" - a place where you can do sport hunting and fishing, gathering wild berries, but always under the supervision of a forester, and in compliance with the established rules of conduct. One of the most spectacular sights in the park, is a mysterious lake Svetloyar, the bottom of which according to legend, is the city of Kitezh.

      Visiting the natural park "Resurrection Povetluzhe", you can get acquainted with the world of birds and animals, enjoy the scenery while rafting on the river Vetluga, visit the old wooden church and, of course, learn the ancient legends of the area. 

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