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    The village of Alexander Nevsky

    • Aleksandro-Nevskij, Russia
    • The village of Alexander Nevsky$$
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      The village of Alexander Nevsky is in the same area of ​​the Ryazan region of Russia, the administrative center. It is located on the left bank of the picturesque river Hupta, in the southern part of the Ryazan oblasti.Pervie data about the settlement appeared in 1750, called New Village, the status of urban-type settlements Alexander Nevsky was in 1945.

      Among the main attractions of the village of Alexander Nevsky, numerous churches and temples. Here come the pilgrims from all over Russia, to pray at the shrine Bogolyubsky Church - the Mother of God, and visit the Church of the Intercession, Kazan and Sergіeўskіm church. The village has a local history museum, which opened in 1999, as well as the memorial-museum of the famous Russian commander MD Skobeleva. For young tourists, in the village of St. Alexander Nevsky, Station open children and youth tourism and excursions.

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