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    Peninsula tulips

    • Pravoberezhnyj, Russia
    • Peninsula tulips$$
    • +7 (863-75) 31-4-10
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    • On the lake Manych-Gudilo in the Rostov region, then it would seem unremarkable at first glance Peninsula. But with the arrival of spring, when nature comes alive around, everything changes. Of nondescript land, the peninsula turns into a magic carpet, Woven from thousands of colorful wild tulips. Hence the name of the peninsula - tulips.

      Most of the usual red tulips, but there are other colors: yellow, pink and even black. Legend has it that once upon a time the bulbs of these flowers were exported to Europe, and they have given rise to many modern cultivars of this noble plants.

      View on flowering tulips is visited by people from all over Russia, and say that even from abroad. See this fabulous picture can be just a few days a year in late April, when the tulips bloom en masse.

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