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    Churchyard Prutnya

    • Prutnya, Russia
    • Churchyard Prutnya$$
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      Prutnya churchyard there are more than 700 years and is known for a large number of historical and cultural heritage of XVIII-XX centuries, the most famous of which is the tomb of his beloved Pushkin Anna Kern.

      The first mention of the cemetery belongs to 1318, is also known that in the XVIII-XIX centuries it was located on the road from Moscow to Novgorod and belonged to the nobility of lions. In addition to the grave of Anna Kern and tombstones of the cemetery owners of Lviv, there are also fraternal graves of Soviet soldiers who died in battle against the Nazis in 1941-1945.

      Architectural monuments of the cemetery are presented by the Church of the Resurrection in 1777 construction, Nicholas chapel of the XVIII century and fencing with gates Blessed XIX century.

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