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    Podchurshinskoe settlement

    • Pervomajskij, Russia
    • Podchurshinskoe settlement$$
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      Podchurshinskoe mound an archaeological site, located in the village of Sloboda Pervomaisky district of the Kirov region. Hillfort is the old Russian settlement tribe Vyatichi 13-14 century. Located upstream Vyatkі Podchurshinskoe the town was a fortress. Recent excavations have shown how powerful it was strengthening. Situated high on a hill, not a river cape as was the custom, it was surrounded on all sides by walls. Good location and defensive strengthen do Podchurshinskoe settlement invulnerable from all sides. The lower level of fortification used in residential and commercial purposes. The upper levels were covered with a gable roof with loopholes. There were just three square towers with shatrovymі roofs for a better view when firing.

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