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    Lenin Square in Cherkessk

    • Zarechnyj, Russia
    • Lenin Square in Cherkessk$$
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      Lenin Square - one of the oldest areas in Charkesk. Before the Revolution, it was called the Cathedral. Around the area at the time were built office buildings Cossack administration and houses of wealthy people. On the west side of the square belonged storey house of a local merchant Riabchenko. From the balcony of this building is February 2, 1918 Soviet power was proclaimed in the territory of the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia.

      In 1924, this area was built by the most in the whole country a monument to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. It was a wooden obelisk 12 meters high, topped meter red star, lit from within. Below the star emblem was established in the form of a sickle and hammer. And in the center of the obelisk was written in large letters "Lenin".

      In 1936, the area was landscaped and replaced wooden monument sculpture. The author of this monument was Leningrad sculptor VV Kozlov. During the war, the monument was demolished, and in 1969 established a new area of ​​the Lenin monument in bronze, which stands and now.

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